Dennis Wilcox II

Adela memorial

The passing of Adela is a great loss for all of us who were her friends and colleagues through the years.  She was a vibrant individual who leaves a legacy of establishing and building one of the premier public relations programs in central Europe.  She had many qualities but I remember her best for her passion, persistence, curiosity, and hope.  She was passionate about setting the highest standards for herself and her students.  She was also very passionate about EUPRERA and made valuable contributions to  the success of the organization.

The EUPRERA  2009 conference in Bucharest is only one example of how she used her amazing organizational talents to advance European public relations practice and also establish Romania as a core country in the organization.  She was persistent in her efforts to establish public relations as credible profession in Romania and constantly built the bridge between academics and working practitioners in Romania.  She also had curiosity and constantly asked questions, conducted research, and advanced the body of knowledge in public relations and organizational communications.  But most of all, she exhibited hope.  Despite her debilitating fight against melanoma, she continued to express hope for the future and worked, as best she could with her condition, for the University and her cherished program.

Our memorial to Adela is to ensure that the legacy she has given us will continue to live on in our lives and in the program that she loved.

Dennis L. Wilcox,

Ph.D. Emeritus Professor Public Relations, San Jose State University (USA)